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Boost Your Patient’s Confidence

We use only the finest materials, providing practical solutions on proven impression techniques, measuring procedures and aesthetics for everything from the simplest functional denture to the most advanced overdentures and Hybrids.

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Ensure Your Patient’s Comfort

When you submit an order to CDP, you can trust that it will be personally handled with care and precision by our team of skilled technicians who have perfected their craft as true artisans.

Patient comfort and lasting quality are the two most important considerations to any order, and we understand that each patient has a unique set of needs. This is why we take a personal approach to processing and fulfilling every order. We are here to work with you step by step, so you can offer your patients the highest quality removables that give them comfort, confidence and peace of mind.

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Meet the Needs of Your Patients

We are one of the largest removable dental prosthetics laboratory in the state of Oregon. We offer complimentary services to meet all the needs of our removable dental prosthetics clients.

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