“Great fit and function of mx bruxguard, minimal adjustments needed.”

Noel George

“Bite splints great! Last Valpast unilateral partials were really good, little adjustments needed.”

Charles Miller

“I just want to say how pleased I am with your lab. The fit and aesthetics have been fantastic. You guys are very skilled and you make my job easier. You are by far the best denture lab I have ever used. Thanks again, we appreciate you guys.”

Matthew Bourg, DMD

“I’ve been working with Custom Dental Prosthetics for more than 10 years and can’t say enough about their knowledge, quality, professionalism, and service. As a Prosthodontist, I pride myself on an exceptionally high quality of care but my end result is only partially controlled by my clinical care. The other part is purely dependent on the lab that supports me and Custom Dental Prosthetics provides me with the best in removable prosth lab support.

We never have to worry about them missing a pick up, missing a delivery, incorrectly reading the lab prescription, or billing in error. Given their decades of experience, they can solve any complex problem I put before them and they stand by their work without question. The consistency of results is also second to none. What more can a clinician ask for? The team at Custom Dental Prosthetics delivers time and time again and can be trusted to support any dental practice that is considering working with them!”

David R. Halmos, DMD
Prosthodontist, Advanced Dentistry

“Exceptional quality in all removable prosthetics!”

Dee Baker

“I’m a Prosthodontist from Louisville, KY. I am very impressed with all of the RPD frameworks I have sent them for fabrication. Fit has been excellent!”

Dr Allan Linehan
Arts & Crafts Dental

“Great customer service, consistently excellent quality. Worked with them for years now.”

Dr Thomas Flath, DMD
Bravo Smile

“Always on time. Clear communication and good quality.”

Dr Sameh El-Ebrashi
Clear Choice