Who We Are

We are a specialized removable dental prosthetics lab committed to serving the dental community with the highest quality products possible and to help our customers grow their practices.

Unlike large full-service production labs with multiple departments, we have the ability to provide a level of oversight and quality control that is simply unattainable in a high production facility.

Our team of technicians are highly trained and skilled artisans who are masters of their craft. With years of experience, they possess deep knowledge in the best techniques and materials necessary to deliver only the highest quality removable prosthetics. To maintain this superior level of expertise, we provide our team with ongoing training and educational opportunities to keep them on the cutting edge of the latest innovations, technology, materials and techniques.

We also place great emphasis on bringing in knowledgeable clinicians and industry experts to present continuing education seminars for both our own team and dental professionals in the Portland area, helping to advance the field and continually raise the standard of patient care.

Company History

Established in 1984 by Hans Peter, CDP was founded on an original vision of a lab that would only produce removable dental prosthetics. As Hans perfected his craft and grew both his team and clientele, CDP quickly established a solid reputation for delivering to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Current owner and president, Raffi Abrahamian, shares the founder’s original vision and passion for excellence in service and customer care. Raffi received his initial training from his father who was a dental technician and had owned his own dental lab for many years.

When Raffi began serving CDP customers in 2011, he had already honed his skills working in independent labs for more than 25 years and had developed a keen sense for meeting both the needs of his clients and the individual needs of their patients.

Over the years, Raffi continued to build on his expertise and developed many personal customer relationships along the way, becoming a trusted partner in the care of dental patients throughout the Portland metro area. When Hans retired, and Raffi assumed ownership of the company, the longstanding tradition of unparalleled customer service and high quality removable dental prosthetics was continued without interruption.

As modern dentistry and removable prosthetics has continued to advance, CDP has kept pace with the latest technology and innovations in processes, manufacturing, digital imaging, computerized applications and 3-D printing.

Today CDP remains a family owned business with longstanding customer relationships, which are a direct result of our steadfast attention to detail and a high level of customer care.

We take great pride in knowing we still serve a long list of original customers whose orders we have been filling since we first opened our doors.

We also enjoy the distinct privilege of having served the removable and implant prosthetics needs of many of the finest practitioners in the Pacific Northwest for more than thirty years. We would be honored to serve you and your dental patients as well.